2016 started off really awesome and got exponentially ¬†better! I put out an album with CURIO KEY CLUB, was gigging, toured and recorded a 7″ and double album with Bonnie Prince Billy. After a few chance playing encounters I am now playing with Houndmouth too. Tons of travel, tons of shows, tons of music, tons of fun. I am thankful for my community and family and the experiences that my brothers will, matt, zak and shane have made happen for me. I look forward to what 2017 has in store.





WFPK 20th ANNIVERSARY! 1/9/2016

wfpk squad

it was an honor to join the festivities for WFPKs 20th Anniversary party at the Brown Theater! It was a treat for the CURIO HORNS to play with WAX FANG, MATT and ZACK of Houndmouth, Alex, Ben Sollee and TWIN LIMB. This photo is of the “super jam” version of “Burning Down the House”.

JULY 6 @ the Clifton Center

July 6 was a great evening of music celebrating the release of Cheyenne Mize’s “Among the Grey”. I was fortunate to get to play with all three groups that night…Cheyenne’s band, Scott Carney and Another 7 Astronauts.

Immortal Ballad of Able Kane

This is a song by Nick Kuypers and was recorded/arranged by OKKINO… a band which had a brief but exploratory existence. Recorded LIVE! by nick leyman the day after Derby 2010. The band is Nick Kuypers, Wade Honey, Charles Rivera, Nick Beach and myself. Originally titled “7 thing” (because of the 7/4 time) we collaborated on a new name once we put our stamp on it!

Accompanying this track is a collage that I put together from some magazine cuttings…..